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Klaus der Geiger - Arbeit macht frei (1973)

Music has provided an outlet for expressing the political vision of violinist and composer Klaus der Geiger (born Klaus von Wrochem). Performing as a street musician since 1970, Klaus der Geiger has spoken out against housing shortages and the limiting of tenant and human rights. In addition to performing many concerts for the homeless, he has participated in numerous demonstrations against the transportation of radioactive whey powder into Third World countries.

A native of the small German city of Doppoldiswalde, halfway between Dresden and Dubi, Klaus der Geiger studied in Cologne under American composer Mauricio Kagel. Traveling to the United States in the late-'60s, he attracted attention as a political-minded street musician in Boston and San Diego. When his request for a visa extension was rejected, due to his political outspokenness, he returned to Germany.

This agit-rock album was ecorded 1973 at Studio 70 in Munich. This is obviously the earlier first issue. Private pressing and not distributed by a big company. The later release was distributed by EMI Electrola.


A1 Arbeit macht frei 6:53
A2 Ich bin so satt 6:52
A3 Zahltag 4:12
A4 Suff Suff, Kiff Kiff 4:00 
B1 Müllers Kuh 6:30
B2 Töff töff Straßenbahn 4:52
B3 Christian 4:28
B4 Herr Generaldirektor 5:37

(192 kbps, cover art included)

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