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Interzone – Das süße Leben (1985)

Interzone was a German blues-rock group, founded in the beginning of 1979, headed by vocalist Heiner Pudelko. In the beginning Pudelko was not writing his own lyrics, but was fascinated by the poems of 'Wolf Wondratschek', the great poet for all eccentrics and loners. After the success of their self-produced single 'Kinderlieder aus Beton' (children's songs made from concrete) Pudelko and Interzone wanted to publish their first album completely with Wondratschek's lyrics in 1980, but the poet withdrew his consent for this cooperation. The album 'Chuck's room' was finally released in 2019.

In early 1981, Interzone went into the Berlin 'Audio' recording studio and recorded with co-producer Udo Arndt their first album, still unsigned. Shortly before the end of the production, it came to an agreement with a record company and mid-June 1981, the self titled debut album was released. The 'Music Express' presented the formation by a Flexi-disc with song excerpts. Shortly thereafter Interzone played live at Berlin Waldbühne in front of 22,000 fans and were broadcast live on TV. With increasing awareness the band decided to start a 7-day-7-city tour in November of the year, in spring 1982 shows with Spliff, Prima Klima and Extrabreit at the Levi's Rock Festival' Tour followed. This festival tour was well attended, but mainly from a very young audience.

In September 1982, the second album by Heiner Pudelko and Interzone, "Aus Liebe", hit the market. The album got generally enthusiastic critics. Although it did not make the official charts, the sales figures were impressive.

In the summer of 1985, Interzone presented themselves with a new sound. But the third album 'Das süße Leben' (The Sweet Life) sold not very good in spite of the relatively expensive advertising campaign. The 'Interzone' clan at this point had almost resigned. In Germany 1985/86 different artists like Nena, Falco or Grönemeyer were hip. In the summer of 1986 the band broke up.

01. Sie wartet schon so lange 4:55
02. Laß mich rein 4:20
03. So was Süßes wie du 3:22
04. Rita 3:47
05. Ich & mein Freund die Katze 3:44
06. Glückskind 2:51
07. Böser Vati 4:00
08. Ruth 4:34
09. Kamikaze 4:33
10. Ich würd's wieder tun 2:48

Interzone - Das süße Leben (1985)
(ca. 256 kbps, cover art included)

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