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Vladimir Vysotsky - Selected Songs (Melodija)

Until his death, Vladimir Vysotsky was a prophet without honor in his own country; although he wrote more than a thousand highly popular songs, he died without an official record release to his name. The reason for this studied neglect lay in the political tenor of his material. Vysotsky, who began performing in the 1960s, was quite critical of the Communist regime, and his lyrics took position on the Soviet status quo. His songs derived from the blatny pesny (literally, delinquent song) tradition, with its celebration of sex, drink, and street fights. Informally distributed cassettes ensured Vysotsky a wide and enthusiastic following. After his death, in 1980, Gorbachev granted his music an imprimatur and a 20-album retrospective was released.

Vladimir Semyonovich Vysotsky was a Russian actor and poet, who wrote biting satire and performed his compositions to a rapt Russian audience. His social and political satire shed much needed light on the ironies and hardships of Soviet life. Walking a fine line between rebellion and conformity, he became immensely popular and died prematurely of alcoholism. The outpouring of grief upon his death was enormous and his music was issued in many forms - first cassette and vinyl, now CD.

Tracklist in English:

1. Fastidious Steeds
2. She's Been to Paris
3. 07 (Trunk Line)
4. Crystal House
5. Peak Mountaineer
6. Here Paws of Fir-Trees Are Shivering
7. It's Not Evening Yet
8. In a Cold Weather
9. Moscow-Odessa
10. Variations on Gypsy Themes
11. That's Us That Make the Earth Go Round
12. Black Pea-Jackets
13. "Yak" Fighter Plane
14. Well, My Hands' Quivering Has Disappeared
15. March of the Miners
16. The Ships Ride and Then Set Course
17. Song About Transmigration of Souls
18. Song About Nothing, Or What Has Happened in Africa
19. Morning Exercises
20. White Silence

Vladimir Vysotsky - Selected Songs (Melodija)
(256 kbps, small front cover included)

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