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Mikis Theodorakis & Maria Farantouri - Poetica

In the '90s, Mikis Theodorakis had a major asset in singer Maria Farantouri, who handles all of the vocals on "Poetica".

Blessed with a gorgeous voice and a fantastic range, Farantouri brings a great deal of charisma and humanity to such Theodorakis melodies as "With Half a Moon," "Color of Love" and "Sobbing Angels."

Theodorakis is a superb composer - one of the true poets of Greek pop, to be sure - and Farantouri has the sensitivity and depth needed for his songs.

Interestingly, "Poetica" wasn't recorded in Greece, but was recorded for the German Peregrina label at a studio in Ludwigsburg, Germany. In fact, the band that Theodorakis leads on this album, is comprised of German musicians. Highly recommended. 

Mikis Theodorakis & Maria Farantouri - Poetica   
(256 kbps, small front cover included)

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