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Mikis Theodorakis - Grammata Apo Ti Germania / Letters From Germany

These political songs in an original, satirical style were written by Mikis Theodorakis with lyrics of Fontas Ladis in 1966 and banned by censorship for ten years.

After the WWII and a destructive and painful civil war, a great number of Greeks emigrated to Germany as heavy industry and mine workers. These songs are dedicated to the problems and the pain of all the emigrants worldwide, through the letters they send to their beloved. Beautiful music by Theodorakis, arranged and directed by the great composer and orchestrator Thanos Mikroutsikos. The songs are interpreted by the expressive voices of Afroditi Manou, Antonis Kalogiannis and Yiannis Siris.

01. Afroditi Manou - I sent you (Sou 'steila)
02. Afroditi Manou - A blond from Wiesbaden (Mia xanthia ap' to Visbaden)
03. Antonis Kalogiannis - Our life was for sale (Vgike i zoi mas sto sfiri)
04. Afroditi Manou - May is coming (Kinis' o Mais gia na 'rthi)
05. Afroditi Manou & Yiannis Siris - Cruises (Krouazieres)
06. Afroditi Manou - Bye mother bye Stratos (Gia sou mana gia sou Strato)
07. Yiannis Siris - I sent to the party (Estila sto koma)
08. Afroditi Manou - At the cafe Ellinikon (Sto kafenio Elliniko)
09. Antonis Kalogianis - Mitsos
10. Afroditi Manou - Yesterday at Wilhelmstrasse (Htes sti Vilhelmstrase)
11. Afroditi Manou & Yiannis Siris - A forest (Ena dasos klares)
12. Afroditi Manou - Some generals came (Irthan kati stratigi)
13. Yiannis Siris - To the ministry of labor (Pros to ipourgio ergasias)
14. Afroditi Manou - Greeks, Turks and Italians

Mikis Theodorakis - Grammata Apo Ti Germania / Letters From Germany
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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Thank you so much for the great work on this site! (Could something have gone wrong with the digitization of this album? The songs sound weirdly wrong...)

Cri hat gesagt…

Thx; feedback will follow about eventual quality see comment above.

zero hat gesagt…

That would be nice!

Cri hat gesagt…

Hi all, I listened and did not hear any problem(s) Cheers

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Thanks a lot for checking the quality!

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