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Renft - Die frühen Jahre (Amiga, 1989)

The Klaus Renft Combo is a veteran German rock band, formed in Leipzig in what was then East Germany, in 1958. Founded by Klaus Renft , the band enjoyed significant success in East Germany until banned by the authorities in 1975. The band was reunited in 1990.

The group was very successful, but seen by the Stasi as far too radical. In September 1975, Renft were asked to play for the Ministry of Culture in order to have their license (a document necessary for any working musician or musical group) renewed. Klaus Renft decided to conceal a cassette recorder behind his guitar to preserve their session. However, the woman in charge of their meeting, Comrade Ruth Oelschlägel, informed them that they would not be performing because their music was insulting and libelous, and further told them that they "[didn't] exist anymore." She explained that it was not that they were banned, but that they simply did not exist any longer "as a combo."

"Die frühen Jahre" is a compilation of recordings from 1972 to 1974. The songs "Ich und der Rock" and "Als ich wie ein Vogel war" are from the soundtrack of the DEFA film "Für die Liebe noch zu mager".


Ketten werden knapper 2:55
Der Apfeltraum 4:35
Kinder, ich bin nicht der Sandmann 2:05
Wer die Rose ehrt 3:07
Liebeslied 3:01
Wandersmann 3:54
Lied auf den Weg 4:06
Ich bau euch ein Lied 1:05
Nach der Schlacht 4:55
Wiegenlied für Susann' 1:48
Ermutigung 4:10
Ich und der Rock 2:34
Irgendwann werd' ich mal... 2:52
Als ich wie ein Vogel war 3:55
Gelbe Straßenbahnballade 4:57

(320 kbps, cover art included)

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Thank you Zero!!!
Please more Renft or Klaus Renft albums/compilations/live/rarities!!!
This band is really difficult to find on the web.
Great sound!!!

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