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Les Chœurs De L'Armée Soviétique (The Red Army Choir) - Les Choeurs De L' Armée Rouge A Paris (1961)

The Alexandrov Academic Ensemble of Song and Dance of the Russian Army is Russia’s biggest military artistic team. October 12, 1928 is considered as the day of establishment of the Ensemble. On this day the team’s first performance took place within the premises of the Central House of the Red Army. At that time it included 12 persons. But by the middle of the 30-s the staff has increased up to 300 persons already and its fame has transcended the boundaries of the country.

During World War II, the ensemble gave over 1500 performances at both Soviet fronts, entertaining troops about to go into battle, at gun emplacements, airfields, and in hospitals.

The ensemble services are marked with the highest Russian awards, and the Diploma of the International exhibit in Paris “Grand-Prix” (1937), the rewards for the record edition of the gramophone recordings – “The Golden Discs” of the French company “Chan du Monde” (1964), the Dutch “N.O.S.” (1974) and the “Grand Prix de Disque” (1961) for the best disc of the year according to the French Academy of the gramophone recordings.

This album was the winner of the Grand Prix de Disque in the year 1961.           

A1La Chanson Du Bouleau3:30
A2Les Partisans3:25
A3Battu Par Les Vagues Froides4:40
A4Poème À L'Ukraine5:35
A5En Route3:57
A6Chœurs Des Soldats De Faust "Gloire Immortelle De Nos Aïeux"3:00
B1Le Chant Du Départ3:00
B2Plaine Ma Plaine3:00
B3Le Coucou Gris3:30
B4Chant Du Voyageur2:15
B5La Voisine2:14
B6Le Long De La Perterskaïa3:10
B7Chant De La Libération3:55

Les Chœurs De L'Armée Soviétique (The Red Army Choir) - Les Choeurs De L' Armée Rouge A Paris (1961)
(256 kbps, cover art included)

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The Don hat gesagt…

Love it. Shame its not particularly clear. Dont suppose you have a better version?
Thanks for all you do. Much appreciated.

zero hat gesagt…

You are welcome. Sorry if the sound is not perfect, don´t have a better version.

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