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The Ex - Pokkeherrie (1985)

"Pokkeherrie" (Dutch for "terrible noise") is a 1985 album by The Ex, originally released on vinyl only on the Pokabilly label. 

The original release included an eleven-page booklet containing lyrics & artwork and a double sided poster. It was reissued on compact disc in 1995 on Ex Records. The album comprises a collection of songs the group had performed on an anti-military tour.

The title of the album is a Dutch word that means something like "so much noise" or "awful noise". It is the first of the Ex's albums to feature Katrin on drums, cementing the band's core lineup that would last for nearly two decades.

After releasing a record in support of Britain's coalminers' strike, The Ex wrote a collection of new songs for an anti-military tour that would form the basis for Pokkeherrie. Their drummer Sabien had just left the band to move to France and was replaced by German-born Katerina, previously of the Stuttgart trio 3Musketiere. The group recorded nine songs in the newly built Koeienverhuur Studio in the basement of a newly squatted building in Amsterdam where The Ex also rehearsed and gigged at the volunteer-run Emma venue. 

John Dougan's short review of the album for Allmusic reads: "Primal leftist politics meet primal mega-loud guitar. Stunning." An unattributed review on the band's official website calls the album "a masterful killer weapon of raw power that rattles up the spine into numbed pink brain cells and fills the vacuum with social issue."


"Nurse!" - 6:09
"Soviet Threat" - 7:08
"Mmm Crisis" - 3:29
"1,000,000 Ashtrays" - 9:15
"Pokk" - 0:15
"White Liberals" - 5:42
"Everything We Never Wanted" 4:28
"Friendly Neighbours" - 4:20
"Hit the Headlines" - 5:47
"Rumours of Music (The Original Soundcrack)" - 6:29

(192 kbps, cover art included)

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