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Prince Far I - Dubwise (1991)

One of the many voices of the roots era, Prince Far I was absolutely unique. He certainly cannot be categorized as a singer, although at times -- especially during chanted passages -- there was definitely a singsong quality to his vocals, and in that respect the closest comparison was to Winston Rodney of Burning Spear. However, that group actually wrote lyrics, while Prince Far I vocals were a stream of consciousness that belongs in the DJ realm. But to call him a toaster is equally inaccurate. His delivery was reminiscent of an Old Testament prophet, railing at the wicked, a seething outpouring of religiously inspired righteousness.

The second Prince Far I collection in Front Line's reissue series brings to light four obscure singles along with their dub versions, as well as the entirety of the all-instrumental "Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Part 2". The instrumental dub tracks are pretty much like those that make up the other volumes in the Cry Tuff series -- perfectly fine, but not particularly distinctive, examples of the genre. But the singles show Prince Far I at his best. In his inimitable gravel-pit of a voice, he exhorts the ghetto youth to "fling away your gun and mek we have some fun," and implores his listeners in stentorian to
nes to remember Jah and to renounce war. Though not as consistently compelling as "Black Man Land", this is a thoroughly worthwhile collection.


1 Throw Away Your Gun 4:23
2 Throw Away Your Gun (Dub) 4:30
3 Love Divine Dub 3:46
4 If You Want To Do Ya Dub 3:41
5 Jah Do That Dub 3:22
6 Jah Do That 3:56
7 No More War 4:36
8 No More War Dub 3:58
9 Suru–Lere Dub 2:57
10 Anambra Dub 3:05
11 Kaduna Dub 4:06
12 Oyo Dub 3:17
13 Borno Dub 3:05
14 Bendel Dub 3:22
15 Ondo Dub 2:39
16 Ogun Dub 2:39

(192 kbps, cover art included)

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