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Neil Young & The Mynah Byrds - Studio Outtakes (1966)

The Mynah Birds were a short lived Canadian band in the sixties and featured Neil Young and Rick James as well as Bruce Palmer (Buffalo Springfield). These recordings were thought to be lost but resurfaced a few years ago. This recordings were also released on a bootleg called "The Lost Recordings".

The songs were recorded at Goldstar Studio, Detroit, January or February 1966.

01 - It's My Time
02 - I'll Wait Forever
03 - Masquerade
04 - Masquerade
05 - Fantasy
06 - I've Got You In My Soul
07 - Go On And Cry

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Please reupload

Anonym hat gesagt…

... so cool.

zero hat gesagt…

You are welcome!

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Thanks a lot

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Hope you enjoy good old Neil!

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