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Esther Phillips - Set Me Free (1986)

Esther Phillips was an American soul and rhythm & blues singer (December 23, 1935, Galveston, Texas - August 7, 1984 in Carson, California).

She was an influence on many other artists including Aretha Franklin. She was already a mature singer at age fourteen, and won the amateur talent contest in 1949 at the Barrelhouse Club owned by Johnny Otis. Otis was so impressed he billed her as 'Little Esther' and added her to his traveling revue, the California Rhythm and Blues Caravan. Her first hit record was "Double Crossing Blues" (#1 R+B), recorded in 1950 for Savoy Records. Her duet with Mel Walker on "Mistrusting Blues", also went to number one that year, as did "Cupid Boogie". Other Little Esther records that made it onto the U.S. Billboard R&B chart in 1950 include "Misery" (#9), "Deceivin'" (#4), "Wedding Boogie" (#6), and "Faraway Blues" (#6). Few artists, R&B or otherwise, have ever enjoyed such success in their debut year. Phillips left Otis and the Savoy label at the end of 1950 and signed with Federal Records. Although she recorded more than thirty sides for Federal, only one, "Ring-a-Ding-Doo", charted; making it to #8 in 1952. Not working with Otis was part of her problem; the other part was her drug usage. By the middle of the decade Phillips was chronically addicted to drugs.

Phillips ultimately got well enough to launch a comeback in 1962. Now billed as Esther Phillips instead of Little Esther, she recorded a country tune, "Release Me," with producer Bob Gans. This went to number 1 on R&B and number 8 on the pop listings. After several other minor R&B hits on Lenox, she was signed by Atlantic Records. Her cover of The Beatles song "And I Love Him" nearly made the R&B Top Ten in 1965 and The Beatles flew her to the UK for her first overseas performances. During the 1970's she made a temporary move into disco material and scored an international hit with "What A Difference A Day Made", an updating of the 1930's jazz standard.

Phillips died at UCLA Medical Center in Carson, California in 1984, at the age of 48 from liver and kidney failure.

The album "Set Me Free" is a compilation, tracks 1 to 4 recorded 1964 , 5 recorded 1966 , 6 recorded 1965, 7 to 13 recorded 1966, 14 to 24 recorded 1970.


A1 Mo Jo Hanna
A2 I Saw Me
A3 Double Crossing Blues
A4 Hello Walls
A5 Some Things You Never Get Used To
A6 Let Me Know When It's Over
A7 Ups And Downs
B1 Cheater Man
B2 When A Man Loves A Woman
B3 Fever
B4 When Love Comes To The Human Race
B5 Try Me
B6 I'm Sorry
B7 Somebody Else Is Taking My Place
C1 Catch Me I'm Fallin'
C2 I'm In Love
C3 Brand New Day
C4 Just Like A Fish
C5 Tomorrow Night
C6 Some Cats Know
D1 Set Me Free
D2 All God Has Is Us
D3 He Knows
D4 Woman Will Do No Wrong
D5 Crazy Love

(320 kbps, cover art included)

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