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Lord Kitchener – Klassic Kitchener Volume One (1993)

Lord Kitchener (born Aldwyn Roberts) shares with Mighty Sparrow the title of the world's best known Calypso singer.

He began his career in Trinidad and won his first Road March award for singing in 1946. In 1948, Kitch emigrated to England in the company of singer Lord Beginner and newsreel footage of the time shows him singing "London Is the Place for Me."

This Kitchener compilation is a gem with all the obvious reasons why Kitchener's musical compositions were always favored at Carnival by steel pan orchestras. Pannists trained on Calypso, Jazz and Tchaikovsky always choose Kitch! He seems the only composer who consistently makes songs that lend themselves to the complex arrangements of an orchestra. This is the most sophisticated side of Calypso music, but the lyrics are as loaded with innuendo and social critique as ever.

1 When A Man Is Poor 3:07
2 Nora 3:53
3 Trouble In Arima 2:51
4 Tie Tongue Mopsy 2:52
5 Cricket Champions 3:51
6 Old Lady Walk A Mile & A Half 3:36
7 Chinese Never Had A VJ Day 4:03
8 Steel Band Music 3:04
9 If You're Brown 3:08
10 Doctor Kitch 3:51
11 Batty Mamselle 3:57
12 Law And Order 3:47

(320 kbps, cover art included)

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Love this early Trinidadian sound! Thanks Zero!

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Always welcome!

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