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Felicia Sanders - The Songs Of Kurt Weill (1960)

Felicia Sanders (born April 26, 1921, Mount Vernon, New York, USA – died February 7, 1975) was a singer of traditional pop music. She sang in the 1940's, with big bands and on the radio based in Los Angeles, California. She is was the first singer to do the song "In Other Words (Fly Me to the Moon)".

This album is a collection of songs by the famous German composer Kurt Weill. 


Speak Low 3:23
This Is New 3:03
Remember That I Care 3:37
Green Up-Time 1:52
September Song 4:07
Here I'll Stay 2:47
Thousands Of Miles 2:20
Foolish Heart 2:46
Stay Well 3:49
Westwind 3:04
Mon Ami, My Friend 2:26
Oh Heart Of Love 3:04

(cover art included)

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