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The Ex - Aural Guerrilla

Dutch anarchists "The Ex", formed by guitarist Terrie and vocalist Sok, had started out in the militant vein of "Crass" but would continuously improve the quality of their cacophonous, incoherent bacchanals via increasingly challenging albums.

This anarcho-punk collective adheres to only the purest ideals in rock music. Starting in 1980, "The Ex" uncorked an endless stream of do-it-themselves vinyl and tapes on a variety of label names (finally settling on Ex Records in '88). Following "Crass'" example (if not quite that group's sound; "The Ex" has a cutting "Gang of Four" rhythmic edge and something of a Fall-like declamatory style), "The Ex" use their work as a sonic and graphic vehicle to promote a wide range of left-wing socio-political causes. Along with the piercing and articulate punk rock, most of "The Ex's" albums contain vast amounts of printed material.

Jon Langford recorded and produced "Aural Guerrilla" at Studio Suite 16 in Rochdale, England. The album was released in July 1988: An evocative and tightly crimped knot about a variety of righteous causes. A bracing blast of barbed wire guitar delivered at reasonable speed with clear (but passionate) vocals, "Aural Guerrilla" is one of "The Ex's" best; potent highlights include the pro-animal ecology of "Evolution (?)," the anti-rock-star venom of "Meanwhile at McDonna's" and "Welcome to the Asylum," an attack on Holland's shoddy treatment of refugees.

More infos and downloads on http://www.theex.nl/. Check it out!

The Ex - Aural Guerrilla
(192 kbps, ca. 55 MB, front cover included)

"The Ex are a regression to the pop of rage. They understand that punk's form of protest was to amplify your alienation and disposession. (...) The Ex are best when they're the sound of a collapsing system, a catastrophic fury that's senseless and unnegotiable. That's their lure in this era of pragmatic reformers."

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