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Miriam Makeba - Comme Une Symphonie D'amour (1979)

South African diva Miriam Makeba is well known throughout the world as Mama Africa and the Empress of African Song. She is African music's first and foremost world star. She is a pioneer who played her early songs and blended different styles long before anyone even began to talk about “world music.”

Her record production is spread across many companies all over the world - so far and wide that it's difficult to get a panoramic view of it. But no collection of African music should be without one or more of Miriam Makeba's recordings.

Comme une symphonie d'amour is a 1979 album by South African singer Miriam Makeba. The album has been published in several editions, some are entitled Malaisha.


  1. "Comme une symphonie d'amour" (3:45)
  2. "Malaisha (Bring the Axe)" (3:40)
  3. "Iyaguduza" (5:38)
  4. "Chicken (Kikirikiki)" (4:22)
  5. "Ndibanga Hamba" (3:25)
  6. "Sabelani" (4:46)
  7. "Ngewundini" (4:32)
  8. "African Convention" (5:05)
  9. "Murtala" (6:20)

Miriam Makeba - Comme Une Symphonie D'amour (1979)
(192 kbps, cover art included)

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the saucer people hat gesagt…

Many thanks for this, I have only just discovered her work (and the fact she was married to the late Stokely Carmichael, one of the most articulate and original of all the radicals who emerged in the sixties) - Sabelani and African Convention are such great tracks - so soulful with such a tight groove!

zero hat gesagt…

Glad you like that music. Thanks a lot for your feedback!

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