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Violeta Parra - 1971 - Recordando a Violeta Parra

From the early folkloric documentation of Violeta Parra in Chile´s countryside to "Venceremos", the triumphant anthem of Salvador Allende´s Popular Union Coalition, the music of Chile´s Nueva Canción was shaped by the larger history occuring all around it. Within the songs, all the hopes, dreams and apprehensions of the nation were reflected. 

At the same time, as its influence grew, the cultural movement claimed its own principal space as catalyst of not only Chile´s musical but its political future as well. So dangerous were its creations that the Pinochet dictatorship censored and attempted to destroy them. Most tragically, Victor Jara´s life was taken in the bloody repression that immediately followed the coup. But his recordings were released and circulated among both Latin and Anglo-Americans and Europeans and actually gained greater popularity than during his lifetime. At the same time, his compatriots in Chile had to hide their LPs, and the government sought the master tapes of his sessions in an attempt to permanetly erase his presence form the planet. 


A1Que Pena Siente El Alma
A2La Pericona Dice
A3Salga El Sol, Salga La Luna
A4La Mazamorrita De Cuatro Pies
A5A Cantarle A Los Porte...
A6Levantate Huenchullan
A7Cantaron Los Pajaritos
B1Arriba Quemando El Sol
B2Parabienes Al Reves
B3Cristo Cuando Vino A Nuestro
B4Vengo Toda Avergonzada
B5Segun El Favor Del Viento
B6Una Flor Voy A Nombrar
B7A La Una Naci Yo

Violeta Parra - 1971 - Recordando a Violeta Parra
(256 kbps, cover art included)

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