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Memphis Slim & Willie Dixon - In Paris - Baby Please Come Home!

Piano pumper Mephis Slim (1915 - 1988) and bass thumper Willie Dixon (1915 - 1992) were kindred spirits. Both men were commanding vocalists and brilliant songwriters who played key roles in shaping the Chicago blues sound of the 50s, though their roots were in an earlier era.

The tow blues men usually worked separately, but duting the late 50s and early 60s they frequently teamed up for recordings, club dates, and concerts, often in Europe.

This recording of a 1962 show in Paris is a vital document of that accosication. It's not a landmark event in either of the blues legends' distinguished recording careers, but it's a nice enough outing with a friendly, low-key tone. Slim recorded a lot of LPs in the early '60s, often as a solo pianist/vocalist, and this is frankly more lively than his norm for the era, if for nothing else than the fact that he's playing in a band. The Dixon-sung tracks are interesting inasmuch as he didn't record much during this period, though he's really adequate at best as a singer. When Slim sings, he sticks mostly to self-penned material; the Dixon-fronted cuts may stir some curiosity among blues fans due to the inclusion of some of Willie's more obscure compositions, like the novelty-tinged "African Hunch with a Boogie Beat."


1Rock And Rolling The House4:28
2Baby Please Come Home2:16
3How Make You Do Me Like You Do4:59
4The Way She Loves A Man3:08
5New Way To Love5:30
6Afican Hunch With A Boogie Beat3:35
7Shame Pretty Girls3:24
9Do De Do2:41
10Cold Blooded5:37
11Just You And I2:55
12Pigalle Love3:59
13All By Myself1:44

Memphis Slim & Willie Dixon -  In Paris - Baby Please Come Home!
(192 kbps, cover art included)

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Tx for this great album Appreciate it a lot!

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Uncle Gil hat gesagt…

If useful, HQ artwork of the MONO album
Cheers !

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Thanks a lot, Uncle Gil! Best wishes!

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