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VA - Folk Friends (1978)

This is a double album with the legendary "Folk Friends" recordings: A historical meeting of some of the best and most influential Folk Artists from England, Germany, Scotland, and the USA at the home and studio of Hannes Wader in 1978.

All of the artists are playing solo and in various combinations together. The album is not a sampler but a unique recording of these sessions of outstanding musicians like Derroll Adams, Davey Arthur, Alex Campbell, Guy & Candie Carawan, Finbar Furey, Wizz Jones, Werner Lämmerhirt and Hannes Wader.


Side One
Six Days On The Road
Night Visiting Song/Dat Du Min Leefste Büst
Planxty Irwin
I'm Sad and I'm Lonely
Lonely One
The Trail Of Tears

Side Two
Willst Du Dein Herz Mir Schenken
Night Ferry
I Remember Loving You
Derroll In The Rain
Who Will Sing For Me?

Side Three
Walking Down The Line
Old Molly Hare
Brder Seht Die Rote Fahne/Hold The Fort
One Day We'll See Them
Black Jack Davey
They Can't Put It Back

Side Four
New National Seven
Aragon Mill
Pay Day At Coal Creek
John Of Dreams
Alex's Dream/Ned Walsh's Jig
When The Fiddler Has Played His Last Tune For The Night

VA - Folk Friends (1978)
(192 kbps, front cover included)

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