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Hannes Wader – Bis jetzt (Live 1986)

"Bis jetzt (Live 1986)" was recorded live in November 1986 on Hannes Wader´s tour commemorating 20 years on stage. Forget about Goethe and Schiller, these are the relevant German lyrics for our world today. Ripped from records in mint condition, played for the 2nd time ever, no clicks, no pops. There is a re-release out on CD, but there are 3 tracks missing, among them the 2 strongest political songs. I wonder if the music industry mafia are cowards or cheaters, but most likely they are both. Track number 9 (Der Rattenfänger im Kaffee Giesing) is moved to the end of the list, because it is from a different show, on the vinyls it only fitted on side B.

Tracklist:01. Gut wieder hier zu sein 04:16
02. Ansage 00:25
03. Wir werden sehn 07:12
04. Blumen des Armen 03:18
05. Der Rattenfänger 07:38
06. Johnny 05:32
07. Charley 05:07
08. Mammi 04:54
09. Cocaine 05:13
10. Hotel zur Langen Dämmerung 05:58
11. Am Fluß 06:26
12. Unterwegs nach Süden 05:02
13. Dat du min Leefste büst 02:51
14. Pablo 04:58
15. Hafenmelodie 05:30
16. Landsknecht 06:19
17. Lisa 05:23
18. Der Rattenfänger im Kaffee Giesing 02:23

Hannes Wader – Bis jetzt (Live 1986)
(ca. 256 kbps, cover art included)

From Wikipedia and his website:

Hannes Wader (born Hans Eckard Wader on 23 June 1942) is a German singer-songwriter ("Liedermacher"). Wader was born in Bethel, near Bielefeld, Westphalia, Germany.

He both wrote new songs and played covers of historical works. His works are based on German folk tradition. Aside from his own lyrics, he also performs works of poets like Eichendorff, Schubert, Bellmann a.o.

In the 1970s, Hannes Wader became one of the stars of the political left through workers' songs, socialist hymns, and his provocative lyrics covering such themes as socialist and communist resistance to oppression in Europe and other places like Latin America.

Wader was a member of the German Communist Party from 1977 to 1991. He even came under suspicions of terrorism because he left his flat in Hamburg to Gudrun Ensslin, a RAF terrorist, and because of his song "Der Tankerkönig", a talking blues about kidnapping a tycoon. He then was banned by TV & radio and other media.

In 1973 he bought a windmill in Struckum, Nordfriesland, where he produced some of his later albums. In 1998, he and his family moved to Steinburg, district of Schleswig-Holstein.

Today he rarely sings the workers' songs and socialist hymns that used to be a large part of his repertoire. He recently published an album exclusively with songs by Franz Schubert. He also performed translated works from Carl Michael Bellman on the album "Liebe, Schnaps & Tod".

Remarkably, many of the social issues Wader sang about in his early days are still relevant today. Wader is one of the most active political singers in Germany today.

He collaborated with Werner Lämmerhirt, Hans Hartmann, Reinhard Mey, Konstantin Wecker a.o. Actually, Hannes Wader is playing his farewell tour...

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Feilimid O'Broin hat gesagt…

Wader is new to me. I am really looking forward to listening to this. Thanks so much for posting it.

zero hat gesagt…

Let me know if you like his music, there is much more on my hard drive.

Feilimid O'Broin hat gesagt…

His lyrics are wonderful and I really enjoy his voice.
I am so glad that you make those of us, who do not know him and so many other modern German artists, aware. There is a special joy to discovering for the first time music that one really enjoys. Thanks.

zero hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot for your feedback, i will post some more of his albums in the next weeks. Best wishes!

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