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Louis Killen, Jeff Warner, Gerret Warner, John Benson - Steady As She Goes (1976)

Steady as She Goes is an album dedicated to workers on the sea. During a time when a captain’s reign could be tyrannical, the work tough, and the sea unkind, the men maintained that "a song is as good as ten men." Often used in the manner of a work song in the fields, these shanties tell the tales of loneliness, families left behind, and the daily hardships of nautical life, but also about raising anchor with certain knowledge that you are heading home.

Excerpts from Sleeve Notes:
"LOUIS KILLEN was brought up in a singing family in the industrial and mining region of the river Tyne in Northeastern England. He arrived in the United States in 1966 with a bag full of hundreds of marvelous traditional British songs of sailors and fishermen, miners and milkmaids, farmers and weavers. Britain's loss has been America's gain. His subtle, full bodied interpretations, sometimes mournful, sometimes hilarious, have delighted audiences from coast to coast. He has recorded for Topic and Front Hall records."


A1Paddy Lay Back
A2Bold Riley
A3Rolling Down To Old Maui
A4Jolly Roving Tar
A5Topman And The Afterguard
A6Off To Sea Once More
B1Strike The Bell
B2Ship In Distress
B3Blow The Man Down
B4The Coast Of Peru
B5All For Me Grog
B6Shallow Brown
B7Bring 'Em Down
B8Away Rio

Louis Killen, Jeff Warner, Gerret Warner, John Benson - Steady As She Goes
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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