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The Last Poets - Right On! (Soundtrack, 1971)

The soundtrack to "Right On!", the documentary from 1971 that followed a day in the life of The Last Poets - the group of New York City black poets/musicians that were born from the late 1960s African American civil rights movement. As can be expected, you get some interesting and thought-provoking performance poetry alongside the sparse beats of the conga drum.

Apparently, a lot of the poetry performed for the camera was lost because of faulty sound equipment. The liner notes on this LP read "All poems recorded at The Cubicolo Theatre, New York City except Soul which is from the movie soundtrack."        

The foundation work for latter-day rappers - Afro-centric themes, improvisational vocal styles, obscenity, and a political slant.          

Da Mirra wrote: "Never have words and voice been so dramatic to my ears. African beats and jazz instrumentals filter throughout the cd with the voices of anger, intellectualism, passion, and love exploding meaningfully like an adrenalin/steriod- induced beatnik meeting. Strong as a fist and smart as an Encyclopedia, this cd smarts. Beautiful poetry..."

Pachamama wrote: "Right On is the soundtrack to the film of the same name which was shot in 1968 and released two years later. The film Right On had beem lost for many years except for a rough cut of it released in the mid 90's. The soundtrack however is intact and clear as if it were performed today. It's content is as true now as it was then. The Last Poets performances are powerfull and charged through out the recording. Right On is for those who seek true consciousnes in spoken word poetry and a must for those other 95 percent who snooz."

A1Jibaro / My Pretty Nigger
A2Been Done Already
A3Hey Now
A4Die Nigga!!!
A5Un Rifle / Oracion Rifle Prayer
A6Tell Me Brother
A7Black Woman
A8James Brown
A10Today Is A Killer
B1Willie Armstrong Jones
B2Puerto Rican Rhythms
B3Poetry Is Black
B5The Shalimar
B6Into The Streets
B8The Library

The Last Poets - Right On! (Soundtrack, 1971)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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jimmie d hat gesagt…

Thanks for posting. However, the track listing for the A-Side is a little bit off. I've found the same mistake at every site I've visited. After reviewing the audio files, I've come up with a corrected listing.

A1 Jibaro
A2 My Pretty Nigger
A3 Been Done Already
A4 Hey Now
A5 Die Nigga!!!
A6 Un Rifle / Oracion Rifle Prayer
A7 Tell Me Brother / Black Woman
A8 James Brown
A9 Soul
A10 Today Is A Killer
B1 Willie Armstrong Jones
B2 Puerto Rican Rhythms
B3 Poetry Is Black
B4 Jazz
B5 The Shalimar
B6 Into The Streets
B7 Alley
B8 The Library

zero hat gesagt…

Thank you!!

-Otto- hat gesagt…

Thank you, zero, for the post, and thanks to JD for the track list corrections.

zero hat gesagt…

You are welcome!

Unknown hat gesagt…

Unfortunately, the zippy link has expired!

zero hat gesagt…

Now there´s a fresh link. All the best!

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