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VA - The Disagreement Of The People - A Collection Of Artists Against Criminal InJustice Act

Subtitled "A Collection of Artists Against the Criminal InJustice Act", this compilation finds British musicians banding together to increase awareness of U.K. laws that threaten the people's rights. Julian Cope, Billy Bragg, June Tabor, New Model Army, Jackie Leven, the Pogues and Kitchens of Distinction are just a few of the acts featured.   

From the booklet:

"Here´s the Top 10 you never wanted to see - the top ten human rights that are under threat from the Criminal Justice and Public Order Arct.

- The right to protest.
- The right to be silent.
- The right to travel.
- The right to be free from discrimination.
- The right to respect for your way of life.
- The right to a fair hearing at court.
- The right not to be harassed in the street.
- The right to listen to the music of your choice.
- The right to privacy.
- The right to be different.

All of these rights, in one way or another, are under threat from this new piece of legislation. That´s why so many people have become angry and determined to do something about it. It is why this record has been made. (...)

An early American rebel, Andrew Elliot, said "when Tyranny is abroad, submission is a crime". We mustn´t submit. We´ve got to change that top ten to one of our ownd and build a world which is run according to different human values - equality, justice, respect and tolerance. That´s what this record is all about."             


  1. Julian Cope: Ain't But the One Way (4.14)
  2. Chumbawamba: Justice / Injustice (3.40)
  3. Andy White: The Guildford Four (3.54)
  4. Ian McNabb: Won't Get Fooled Again (8.31)
  5. The Pogues: The Birmingham Six (2.53)
  6. June Tabor: All Our Trades Are Gone (5.02)
    from Angel Tiger with an additional spoken introduction
  7. Rory McLeod: How Can You Keep on Moving (4.38)
  8. Back to the Planet: Electro Rays Mix (3.43)
  9. Reservoir Frogs: Hobo (3.49)
  10. New Model Army and Joolz: Song to the Men of England (4.29)
  11. The Oysterband: One Green Hill (3.12)
    from Trawler
  12. Detrimental: Babylon (4.05)
  13. Jackie Leven with Mike Scott & Robert Bly: Clay Jug (6.29)
  14. Poisongirls: Stonehenge (2.55)
  15. Kitchens of Distinction: Pastor Niemöller's Lament (Never Again) (4.21)
  16. Credit to the Nation: Come Dancing (Mr. B's Mix) (6.48)
  17. Billy Bragg & Heathens All: This Land Is Your Land (4.34)

VA - The Disagreement Of The People - A Collection Of Artists Against Criminal InJustice Act
(256 kbps, cover art included)

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