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VA - Chile Vencera! - An Anthology of Chilean New Song 1962-1973

"...The New Chilean Song Movement (“La Nueva Canción Chilena”) was the embodiment, in sound, of all that Allende hoped for Chile. It’s no wonder that after the coup, one of the first orders of business for Pinochet’s military forces was to destroy Discoteca del Cantar Popular (the radical record company that released many of the new song artists), destroying not only the office and studio, but also the master recordings themselves. Today, the new songs survive from old LPs that made it out of Chile.

Stu Cohen, in cooperation with Rounder Records, released "Chile Vencera! An Anthology of Chilean New Song, 1962 — 1973", and the royalties were donated to the Chile Defense Committee. The album is a compilation of new song artists culled from records that weren’t destroyed by the military junta. All the musicians on the album were directly affected by the junta. Victor Jara, as mentioned at the beginning, was murdered by the military, Angel Parra was sent to prison, Isabel Parra and Patricio Castillo managed to escape Chile and seek exile, Quilapayun and Inti Illimani happened to be on tour in Europe during the coup and remained in exile..."

The quality of the recording on this album varies somewhat from song to song. The songs were reproduced from albums and tapes. The original master recordings no longer exist. They were destroyed during the coup.

This double album was released in 1987 on Rounder Records.


A-1Violetta ParraGracias A La Vida
A-2Violetta ParraQué Dirá Santo Padre
A-3Tiempo NuevoQuena En Verano
A-4Inti IllimaniRun, Run Se Fie P'al Norte
A-5Isabel Parra & Inti IllimaniAmor
B-1Inti IllimaniInti Illimani
B-2Isabel & Angel ParraLa Pericona
B-3Quilapayun*Vamos Mujer
B-4Victor JaraPreguntas Por Puerto Montt
B-5Victor JaraNi Chicha Ni Limona
B-6Victor JaraLa Casitas Del Barrio Alto
B-7Isabel ParraAl Centro De Injusticia
C-1Angel ParraLa Democracia
C-2Payo GrondonaIl Bosco
C-3Charo CofreTolin, Tolin, Tolin
C-4Martín DomínguezLa Burra De Beltrán
C-5Tito FernandezYo Quiero Verte
C-6Rolando AlarconLas Doradas Colinas De Bihn Xuan
D-1Rolando AlarconHermano Llorarás
D-2Tiempo NuevoNo Nos Moveran
D-3QuilapayunLa Batea
D-4Stu CohenSeptember 11, 1973
D-5QuilapayunEl Pueblo Unido Jamás Será Vencido

VA - Chile Vencera! - An Anthology of Chilean New Song 1962-1973

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