Montag, 18. Oktober 2010

Johnny Cash - The Sun Demos & Outtakes

Though Johnny Cash went from total unknown to Number 1 charting artist (“I Walk The Line”) during his time with Sun Records, it’s easy to forget that it all happened pretty quick and he was only with the label for two years, from 1955 to 1957, before he moved on to greener pastures at Columbia Records. The music that he made during this time, however, is truly timeless and in its grit and fatalism marked a new kind of country music with songs more than embracing sadness and loss, songs that turned a cold, brooding eye on the stark realities of life and love.
Before massive fame and excess and later producers got their hands on Cash’s songs and sound and tricked up the accompaniments and arrangements, for the most part it was just Johnny and the Tennessee Two, Luther Perkins on guitar and Marshall Grant on upright bass with added drums and maybe piano or pedal steel. This collection of demos and more polished and complete outtakes—which should be named “Some Sun Demos & Outtakes” because there are quite literally hundreds of hours of extant recordings from the time—is a priceless snapshot of a pivotal period in the history of popular music. Artwork is included.


1. Wide Open Road (Cry, Cry, Cry)
2. Rock & Roll Ruby
3. You're My Baby
4. Get Rhythm
5. I Walk The Line
6. Train Of Love
7. One More Ride
8. Folsom Prison Blues
9. Wide Open Road (Cry, Cry, Cry)
10. Goodnight Irene
11. My Treasure
12. I Love You Because
13. Leave That Junk
14. Country Boy
15. Come In Stranger
16. Oh Lonesome Me
17. You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven
18. Don't Make Me Go
19. Give My Love To Rose
20. The Ways Of A Woman In Love
21. Thanks A Lot
22. Fools Hall Of Fame
23. I Just Thought You'd Like To Know
24. I Forgot To Remember To Forget
25. Always Alone
26. The Story Of A Broken Heart

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