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Derrick Harriott and the Crystalites - Undertaker (1970)

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, reggae singer/producer Derrick Harriott began as a member of the Jiving Juniors (from 1958 through 1962) before embarking on his own solo career, in addition to producing other artists, including the Ethiopians, Keith and Tex.
Harriott tended to rework old R&B love songs as reggae tunes, but his best-known song, "The Loser," was an original composition. In 1971, Swing Magazine named Harriott Top Producer of 1970, as he was also one of the first to utilize the now renowned King Tubby's recording studio.

The '70s saw the release of such solo albums as "Undertaker", S"ongs for Midnight Lovers", and "Psychedelic Lovers". Although not much was heard from Harriott during the '80s in terms of solo releases, the mid- to late '90s saw the emergence of such solo efforts as "Sings Jamaican Rock Steady Reggae", "For a Fistful of Dollars", "Derrick Harriott & Giants", and "Riding the Roots Chariot".

Here´s the album "Undertaker", released on Trojan records in 1970, an instrumental album in a similar vein to the early music of The Upsetters.

(192 kbps)

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