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Palestine - Music of the Intifada (1989)

In our post 9-11 world, one can’t imagine a major label issuing a (great) compilation called "Palestine: Music of the Intifada".
Yet in 1989 that’s exactly with Virgin Records did.

From the linernotes:

"Music of the Intifada is a popular celebration of the current struggle. It points out issues and symbols central to the Palestinian resistance such as the people, the land and freedom. Not only does it summarize Palestinian aspirations but also it reflects the radical social changes that are being brought about by the daily struggle against occupation."

The tracks in arabic language were recorded in 1988 in West Berlin.

01 Sabaya Al Intifada - Min Al Mukhayyam Toulad Al Ru’aya
02 In A’d Rifaki - Al Raba’yye
03 In A’d Rifaki - Al Kassam Al Filistini
04 Al-Amal Ashabi - Jirah Lan Tamout
05 Abnaa El-Balad - Ajrass Al Intisar
06 Palestinian Student Karmel Group - Al Intifada Was Jabal Al Thawra
07 In A’d Rifaki - Kulluna Fil Tareeq
08 Palestinian Student Karmel Group - Watani Laysa Hakiba
09 Muhiddine Al Bagdadi - Al Fajir
10 Sabaya Al Intifada - Jabal Al Zaytoun
11 Al-Amal Ashabi - Bism Ilhurriya
12 Sabaya Al Intifada - Ummi Al Habiba
13 Muhiddine Al Bagdadi - Al Hegran
14 In A’d Rifaki - In A’d Rifaki

Palestine - Music Of The Intifada (1989)

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