Sonntag, 31. Oktober 2010

VA - Mojo Rock Steady

The term "reggae," often used to describe any music coming from Jamaica, is in reality a term that represents a whole canon of music that has grown, developed, and branched off from Jamaica's first native popular music, ska. Rock steady, the next form the island developed, is the precursor to the specific sub-genre of reggae, as well as the politically and culturally directed music that followed it called roots. In the rock steady era of the '60s and '70s, ska's blaring horns were minimized, and an electric bass and syncopated horn line carried the rhythm. The lyrics became more centered upon political and social concerns, especially the plight of Jamaica's black citizens. MOJO ROCK STEADY is an excellent introduction to this important era in the development of reggae music. Rhythmically and contextually, the songs contained herein represent important markers in reggae's growth. There are classic instrumental pieces like "Rockfort Rock" (originally titled "Psychedelic Rock" but renamed because a DJ from the Rockfort area of Kingston claimed it as his neighborhood's theme song), protean social protest songs from the Gaylads ("Africa") and the Bassies ("River Jordan"), and an example of one of reggae's lesser-known female vocalists, Denise Darlington ("Feel So Good"). You´ll find the tracklist in the comment.

Mojo Rock Steady (192 kbps)

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