Freitag, 8. Oktober 2010

Michael Bakunin - Selected Works

"Replacing the cult of God by respect and love of humanity, we proclaim human reason as the only criterion of truth; human conscience as the basis of justice; individual and collective freedom as the only source of order in society." - Michael Bakunin

Aldred, Guy A. - Michel Bakunin, Communist.pdf
Bakunin - God and the State.pdf
Bakunin - Integral Education.pdf
Bakunin - Integral Education2.pdf
Bakunin - Marxism Freedom and the State.pdf
Bakunin - Power Corrupts The Best.pdf
Bakunin - Revolutionary Catechism.pdf
Bakunin - Rousseau's Theory of the State.pdf
Bakunin - Selected writings.pdf
Bakunin - Stateless Socialism = Anarchism.pdf
Bakunin - The Commune, the Church & The State.pdf
Bakunin - The Immorality of the State.pdf
Bakunin - The Organization of the International.pdf
Bakunin - The Paris Commune and the Idea of the State.pdf
Bakunin - The Policy of The International.pdf
Bakunin - Where i stand.pdf
J. M. W. - Mikhail Bakunin (The Torch of Anarchy).pdf

Michael Bakunin - Selected Works (2 MB)

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