Donnerstag, 21. Oktober 2010

Children Of September

The PinkPudelCrew is lucky to present the film "Children Of September" next tuesday, (October, 26) at "Größenwahn", Kinzigstr. 9, 10247 Berlin.

"Children Of September" is a documentary film about the military putsch in Turkey on 12th September 1980 from the view of five eyewitnesses.

Five young people, four cities (Berlin, Copenhagen, Zurich and Paris). Everyone of them was born in a different region of Turkey. What their biographies have in common is the fact that their families had gone through the violence of the putsch on 12th September 1980.

How do the children who hanging on to their families apron strings had to emigrate to those countries live today? Are they, as were their parents, involved in politics? Do they have some special characteristics which make them the “Children of September”?

One of the directors and one of the protagonists will take part at the screening and invite you to a discussion about the topic and the film. The entry is free and you are welcome!

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