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Thatcher On Acid - Curdled (1987)

Thatcher On Acid were an anarcho-postpunk band from the United Kingdom. They formed in Somerset during 1983. Their name is a satirical reference to former U.K. prime minister, Margaret Thatcher.

"Curdled" was released in 1987, using the occasional samples of media speech pasted into a variety of styles, from harsh, whirring amps and drums stuff to wistful acoustic rock.

It seems almost dead and buried now, sadly, but "agitpop" was once a genre, of bands (predominantly English) that combined post-punk rock in the spirit of Killing Joke, U.K. Decay, Theater of Hate, Banshees, and Gang of Four with scathing sociopolitical awareness. Maybe it went bye-bye with Thatcher's fall and Reagan's retirement, but to borrow a Dead Kennedys lyric, post-punk "kids today sit on their ass" (there are exceptions, of course).

Thatcher On Acid - Curdled (1987)
(192 kbps, front cover included)

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Rochacrimson hat gesagt…

If it is possible...please a re-up of these gems :

Thank you for all these amazing albums!

zero hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot for your request. The re-ups are in the pipeline... Greetings!

Rochacrimson hat gesagt…

Thank you Zero!
Hope to listen these gems soon!

zero hat gesagt…

You are welcome!

MikeO hat gesagt…

another good band, especially good live

zero hat gesagt…

I agree, MikeO. Best wishes!

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