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Thatcher On Acid / Wat Tyler - Squib / Margarine Walker

Thatcher on Acid were an English anarcho-punk band. They formed in Somerset during 1983. Their name is a satirical reference to former UK prime minister Margaret Thatcher. Ben Corrigan, Bob Butler and Andy Tuck also played in Schwartzeneggar with ex-Crass member, Steve Ignorant. The band opened the anarcho-punk band Conflict's "Gathering of the 5000" show at Brixton Academy, an event which resulted in many arrests and achieved a degree of infamy

In 1994, Thatcher on Acid released their 'Squib' album which was a split between them and another band named Wat Tyler, and released it on John Yate's Allied Recordings. A little known fact about it is that it featured Steve Ignorant from Crass on lead vocals in the song 'Our Gods are Falling Down'. Unfortunately, their bassist Matt had to leave the band to become a full-time doctor, and was replaced by Bob Butler from Yeovil. They decided to finish the bands course by playing their last tour from Scandinavia to Germany in September of that same year.

The band split afterwards to form Schwartzeneggar in 1993 with Steve Ignorant from Crass on vocals until they stopped in 1995. Since then, Thatcher on Acid has only reunited once, but only to play two reunion gigs in 1998 to help raise money for the Mclibel campaign. Guitarist/vocalist Ben now plays in a band called Hard Skin and also works as a tour manager for several bands such as The Kills, Black Keys, and 5678s. Bassist Matt still works as a doctor in Somerset, drummer Andi now works as an electrician and original drummer Martin teaches ceramics at Brixton College.

Wat Tyler - named for the leader of the English Peasants' Revolt of 1381 - has a bit more fun by traveling down the path of tongue-in-cheek lyrics - "Billy Bonds Claret and Blue Army," "The Resurrected Zombie Little People Kick Arse," "Rude Boy" - with music that covers a wide spectrum (folk, ska, punk and hardcore). But there is also a political consciousness - "Violent Precinct," "At the End of the M-1," "The Mindless Slaughter of the Little People" - that cannot be casually dismissed.


A1 Thatcher On Acid– Chagrin
A2 Thatcher On Acid– Put It In
A3 Thatcher On Acid– I'll Probably Laugh At This One Day
A4 Thatcher On Acid– Our Gods Are Falling Down
A5 Thatcher On Acid– My Favourite Mess
A6 Thatcher On Acid– Skin Banjo
A7 Thatcher On Acid– Gob
A8 Thatcher On Acid– Shakey

Margarine Walker
B1 Wat Tyler– Billy Bond's Claret And Blue Army
B2 Wat Tyler– Even Great Men Talk Bollocks
B3 Wat Tyler– Terry Fenwick's Leg Takes Crack
B4 Wat Tyler– Violent Precinct
B5 Wat Tyler– The Tools Of Satan And The Glorious Army Of The Supreme Soviet (I'm Feeling Mellow, Man)
B6 Wat Tyler– At The End Of The M1
B7 Wat Tyler– The Mindless Slaughter Of The Little People
B8 Wat Tyler– Bat Out Of Surbiton
B9 Wat Tyler– Mr. Punch
B10 Wat Tyler– The Ressurected Zombie Little People Kick Arse
B11 Wat Tyler– It's Football, Not Fuckin' Soccer
B12 Wat Tyler– Rude Boy

(320 kbps, cover art included)

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