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Hai & Topsy Frankl - Wi ahin sol ich gejn?

Heinrich Frankl, called Hai, was born in Charlottenbrunn (Seleucia) on February 14, 1920. Beginning in 1930 he lived with his parents in Wiesbaden-Biebrich. In 1939, just before the war began, Hai Frankl emigrated to Lahäll near Stockholm (Sweden) and studied painting in Stockholm.
Hai’s father, Dr. Erich Frankl and his wife Elli (née Schachtel in Charlottenbrunn /Silesia on August 12, 1896) were deported on June 10, 1942, to Lublin and Majdanek – respectively to Sobibor – and murdered. Their daughter Hermine (born in Sophienau /Silesia on March 9, 1922) was able to reach Pyrford, England in a children’s transport and later moved to the USA.
Hai and his wife Gunny (née Wahlstroem) called Topsy, became known as the Folk-Duo “Hai and Topsy”. They toured West Germany in the 1960s and 1970s, singing songs from the labour movement as well as Yiddish folk songs.
They released the album "Wi ahin sol ich gejn?" in 1993 on the Wundertüte label.

Hai died on January, 13, 2016 - thanks a lot for all the wonderful music you gave us!

Hai & Topsy Frankl - Wi ahin sol ich gejn?
(256 kbps, cover art included)

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Feilimid O'Broin hat gesagt…

Thank you for this tribute and selection. These last two month's selections have been especially wonderful for their eclecticism. Whether you are posting jazz; Yiddish, Roma, and South African music; Chilean, British, and American folk music, or a variety of German genres, you have an uncanny ability for unknowingly targeting my taste, including posting the Fugs, Beat poetry and music, and poems, music, and plays by Brecht. For this reason and, too the political aspects and messages of so much of the music and spoken word arts, yours continues to be my favorite blog and a constant source of discovery and joy. As always, many, many thanks for what you do.

zero hat gesagt…

Feilimid, thanks again for this very uplifting comment! I am very lucky that there are people like you "out there" who appreciate the music featured on this blog. All the best to you & a nice weekend!

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