Montag, 19. November 2018

Cochise - Die Erde war nicht immer so (1984)

Maybe this is another great "Volksmusik" recording in the literal sense: Simple, but always nice melodies, uncomplicated lyrics, refrains you can sing along and all in all songs that tell us stories about real life in a certain society and time, about the social struggles and everyday fights. Thanks, Jenny Bauer, for bringing our attention to this topic (see Staff Benda Bilili concert review).

Cochise from Dortmund played folk music with mostly political lyrics inspired by left wing perspective.

Cochise were founded in 1979 and became one of the musical voices of the alternative movement in Germany.

They developed an unique lyrical and musical language connecting the political contents of the 70s and 80s with powerfull, delightfull music and the rebellious attitude of a whole generation.

A1Die Erde war nicht immer so5:11
A21, 2, 3, laßt die Leute frei4:16
A3Lacht mich ruhig aus3:50
A4Raus, raus, raus3:00
B1Komm zu uns4:02
B2Der Staat ist doof und stinkt3:43
B4Schnee zu Ostern5:28
B5Die Nacht nach der Heidehof-Räumung1:45

Cochise - Die Erde war nicht immer so (1984)
(192 kbps, cover art inlcuded)

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Saw them several times in the Karlsruhe region.
It was "Zeitgeist" - peace movement, öko and a bit anarcho.

zero hat gesagt…

It was a good time, a lot people were active for a better societey! Best wishes!

Cri hat gesagt…

Thx Zero, looking into that time is very very fascinating

zero hat gesagt…

I agree, Cri!

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