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Mikey Dread - Evolutionary Rockers (1979)

Mikey Dread (real name Michael George Campbell) was born in Port Antonio, Jamaica on June 4th 1954.

Mikey Dread was a producer, broadcaster and an artist. He created an innovative Reggae style. In the late 70's Dread got a job being an engineer for the JBC (Jamaican Broadcasting Corporation). Mikey would eventually get his own radio show that would be titled "Dread At the Controls". His show focused on nothing but Reggae music at a time when people weren't really playing that type of music in Jamaica. The show would become the most popular show on the JBC, but eventually Dread would quit (in protest) due to the conservative management of the JBC.

Around this time Dread was already well known in Jamaica as singer/producer (working with the likes of The Mighty Two and Lee Scratch Perry) and he started to record his own material too. He is also known for his work with King Tubby and Carl Patterson. The Clash would gain interest in Mikey Dread and he would produced the song "Bankrobber" for the band. The song was initially a Ska song, but Dread producing the song would make it more of a dub track. Dread would also tour with The Clash. He also did his own even more dub version of the song "Bankrobber", it was titled "Rockers Galore...UK Tour".

On March 15th, 2008 Mikey Dread passed away.

Here´s Mikey Dread´s debut album "Evolution Rockers" (released in the UK as "Dread At The Control")

A1Dread Combination
A2Walk Rastafari Way
A3Proper Education
A4The King In The Ring
B1Step By Step
B2Love The Dread
B3The Voice Of Jah
B4Barber Saloon

Mikey Dread - Evolutionary Rockers (1979)
(ca. 192 kbps, cover art incuded)

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