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Zeltinger – Der Chef (1981)

Who the fuck is Zeltinger? Today he's a beast of 150 kg. They sing about drug and sex addicts, homosexuals, criminals, perverts, hustlers – and that's exactly what they are, or at least what they were when the party started. Don't let your family listen to the insulting outbursts of Zeltinger on some of the songs! They did their first concert on carnival in 1979 with Jaki Liebezeit (ex Can) on drums just for fun, and it was so much fun that it had been repeated and sold out 19 (!) times in a row on the remaining carnival holidays. Later they toured with the Ramones and Boomtown Rats, putting Bob Geldof in the shadow.

"Der Chef" is just another masterpiece by Conny Plank. Who would have imagined him to produce a punk band? But he was the only one with enough authority to control these gangsters. He even wrote parts of the lyrics. It's the only record I know with a credit for the psychiatrist – must have been a hard job, man!

Their website is being rebuild right now, you find concert dates and more about their incredible history there.

01. Kölsche Junge 01:47
02. Leck mich 02:31
03. Knochen 02:13
04. Nie Diät 04:11
05. Der lachende Vagabund 02:25
06. Ich bin zu jung · Sommer, Sonne, Herzinfarkt 05:11
07. Lulli, Lulli 02:36
08. Studentenlied 04:29
09. Blutsauger 03:57
10. Wichsfigur 02:55
11. Chef 04:54

Jürgen Zeltinger: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Manni Holländer: Guitar, Vocals
Ralf "Der Träumer" Engelbrecht: Guitar, Vocals
Arno Steffen: Vocals
Norbert Zucker: Bass, Vocals
Miguel: Acoustic Guitar
Alfred Koutny: Accordion
Edgar de Gaulle: Drums
Conny Plank & René Tinner: Mix
Conny Plank & Arno Steffen: Production
Dr. Bach: Medic
Gabriel Martinez: Psychiatrist (!)

(ca. 256 kbps, cover art included)

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