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Barbara Dane - Trouble In Mind (1957)

Barbara Dane (born May 12, 1927) is an American folk, blues, and jazz singer.
"Bessie Smith in stereo," wrote jazz critic Leonard Feather in the late 1950s. Time said of Dane: "The voice is pure, rich ... rare as a 20 karat diamond" and quoted Louis Armstrong's exclamation upon hearing her at the Pasadena jazz festival: "Did you get that chick? She's a gasser!"

This is Barbara Dane's very first recording, a collector's item since its issue in 1957 when it was said of her: "A voice like this hasn't been heard in 30 years." Jazz critic Philip Elwood says, "an immense voice, remarkably well turned...As a gut-level blues singer she is without compare." Classic blues accompanied by jazz masters Don Ewell, piano, Bob Mielke, trombone, P.T. Stanton, trumpet, Darnell Howard, clarinet and Pops Foster, bass.

01 - Good Mornin' Blues
02 - Trouble In Mind
03 - Mighty Rumbling Blues
04 - Special Delivery Blues
05 - Ain't Nobody Got the Blues Like Me
06 - Misery Blues
07 - See, See Rider
08 - Oh, Papa
09 - Prescription for the Blues
10 - Muddy Water

Barbara Dane - Trouble In Mind (1957)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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-Otto- hat gesagt…

I wonder if she already hated the capitalist system back then. Nice up, zero!

zero hat gesagt…

Good question! Big up!

Anonym hat gesagt…

jajaja, good question! But I I don't care what she think, sing like the gods. Thanks
Pablo Crossroads

zero hat gesagt…

I like her singing and her thoughts! All the best to you!

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