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African Head Charge - Songs Of Praise (1990, On U Sound)

Led by percussionist Bonjo I, African Head Charge formed in the early '80s and has released seven albums with a shifting lineup that also includes Prisoner, Crocodile, Junior Moses and Sunny Akpan. The band works in the same dub psychedelia territory as Adrian Sherwood's work, which isn't surprising since most of African Head Charge's albums have been released through - and produced by - Sherwood and his On-U Sound label.
Not very many reggae albums acknowledge Alan Lomax in the credits. But then, African Head Charge (a band with a constantly changing membership led by percussionist Bonjo Iyabinghi Noah) doesn't really make typical reggae albums.

Although the one-drop beat (provided on this album by Lincoln "Style" Scott) influences everything and the basslines have a typical tidal undertow, the stuff that Noah layers on top of the mix has more to do with ethnomusicology than the dancehall.
The song titles say it all: "Cattle Herders Chant," a field recording of call-and-response chanting overlaid with Nyahbinghi drums and highlife guitar; "My God," eerie, minor-key African-American church singing supported by a chugging reggae bassline, bare-bones drumming, and the sound of running water; "Deer Spirit Song," an unidentifiable indigenous song in 9/8 meter with a gently driving rockers beat and occasional sound effects thrown in.

This is an exceptionally beautiful album, but in a deeply strange way.


1Free Chant (Churchical Chant Of The Iyabinghi)3:30
2Orderliness, Godliness, Discipline And Dignity3:16
4Dervish Chant7:50
5Hold Some More6:18
6Healing Father4:46
7Healing Ceremony3:48
8Cattle Herders Chant4:15
9Ethiopian Praises1:28
10My God4:11
11Gospel Train3:02
12Chant For The Spirits4:08
13God Is Great4:16
14Deer Spirit Song2:22

African Head Charge - Songs Of Praise (1990)
(256 kbps, cover art included)

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fabalien hat gesagt…

Thanks for this beautiful music.

fabalien hat gesagt…

Thanks for this beautiful music.
it's good for the mind,el corazon, todo..

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Thanks for your feedback. I totally agree! Greetings!

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thank you so much! this is great

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