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Kendra Smith – Kendra Smith Presents The Guild Of Temporal Adventurers (1992)

A founding member of the Dream Syndicate, Kendra Smith was also one of the creative forces behind the California psychedelic band Opal in the mid-'80s. She left during the band's final tour and was replaced by Hope Sandoval (Opal changed its name to Mazzy Star after that tour). Smith next formed the Guild of Temporal Adventureers for one eponymous EP in 1992, and then remained silent until the 1995 release of "Five Ways of Disappearing", her solo debut, which features a number of different sounds and styles.

Kendra Smith resurfaced for the first time since the dissolution of Opal with this engaging effort recorded in tandem with Jonah Corey and A. Philip Uberman; although "The Guild of Temporal Adventurers" doesn't stray far from the trademark neo-psychedelic sound of Smith's previous work, the record's absorption of Eastern sounds and textures lend it a deep, meditative quality finely attuned to the warmth and simplicity of tracks like "Stars Are in Your Eyes" and "Wheel of the Law."

Kendra Smith - The Guild Of Temporal Adventurers
(cover art included, flac)

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