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Loudon Wainwright III ‎– A Live One (1979)

"A Live One" is a live album by American singer-songwriter Loudon Wainwright III. The live performances included on the album were recorded on a tour of the British Isles in 1976 and at McCabe's in Los Angeles in 1978. It was released in 1979 on Rounder Records.

His first completely live album, it was released during the longest hiatus between studio albums so far in his career (five years): his farewell to the 1970s (1978's "Final Exam") and his self-reinvention on 1983's "Fame and Wealth". Furthermore, since the track list relies on early LPs such as "Attempted Mustache", the gap between his adjacent studio albums seems all the wider.

Wainwright is well served by this collection of samples of his live work, which also doubles as the best of his 70s material, with songs like "Whatever Happened to Us," "Nocturnal Stumblebutt," and "Clockwork Chartreuse."

  1. "Motel Blues" – 3:28
  2. "Hollywood Hopeful" – 1:25
  3. "Whatever Happened to Us" – 1:35
  4. "Natural Disaster" – 2:03
  5. "Suicide Song" – 2:22
  6. "School Days" – 3:16
  7. "Kings and Queens" (Loudon Wainwright III, George Gerdes) – 2:37
  8. "Down Drinking at the Bar" – 3:57
  9. "B-Side" – 2:08
  10. "Nocturnal Stumblebutt" – 4:19
  11. "Red Guitar" – 1:54
  12. "Clockwork Chartreuse" – 4:10
  13. "Lullaby" – 2:44
Track 1 was recorded at Birmingham Town Hall, England; Autumn 1976.
Tracks 2, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 13 were recorded at McCabes Guitar Shop, Los Angeles, California during weekend engagement October 1978.
Tracks 3, 4, 5, and 12 were recorded at The New Vic, London, England; Autumn 1976.
Track 6 was recorded at The Apollo, Glasgow, Scotland; Autumn 1976.
Track 11 was recorded at Manchester Opera House, England; Autumn 1976.

Loudon Wainwright III ‎– A Live One (1979)
(320 kbps, cover art included)


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Feilimid O'Broin hat gesagt…

Thanks for the wonderful music from a very underrated and very original artist.

Mickey S. hat gesagt…

tolles Zeug
Ich genieße deine Blog!
Kannst du nochmal posten? Abgelaufen.
Hast du auch "Attempted Mustache"?
Vielen Dank!!!

zero hat gesagt…

Now it´s refreshed. And i posted "Attempted Mustache" the other day. Best wishes!

Rhodb hat gesagt…

Great share a song writer that has comedy pathos feeling

in his writing

Unknown hat gesagt…

This is a great album. These live versions of his earlier songs are FAR superior to the original recordings. Get this!

zero hat gesagt…

Thanks for your feedback, you are welcome!

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