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David Peel - An Evening With David Peel (1975)

"An Evening With David Peel" is a live recording from Hotel Diplomat, Times Square, NYC January 1, 1975 for the Swine New Year Spectacle.           

David Peel covers little new ground on this album, which is underground rock's equivalent to the standard live album of pop music, a chance for the artist to range across his existing repertory, at a point where Peel was at the peak of his exposure and respect.

Thematically, this anti-establishment evening shares much with Arlo Guthrie's live album "Arlo". They both even include a song about Santa Claus. But, where Guthrie mocks in a gentle way, Peel and his street musician friends known as the Lower East Side are in your face with their sociopolitical manifesto.

Peel surrounds himself with some of the most professional-sounding accompaniment of his career up to this time, and the results are slightly smoother than on some of the original versions - in a sense, the versions here will be more accessible to the uninitiated, but the songs also lack some of the charming, even beguilingly punk-like roughness of the original versions. The songs still speak for themselves, and loudly, however, and Peel's personality comes through sufficiently well to make this a worthwhile record, if not quite as essential as the four albums that preceded it.        

A1Hippie From New York City3:07
A2Have A Marijuana3:35
A3Santa Claus: Rooftop Junkie1:35
A4Bring Back The Beatles2:30
A5The Pope Smokes Dope2:45
A6Song On The Spot (Who Stole J. F. Kennedy's Brain?)3:45
B1Balling In The Bathroom7:43
B2Up Against The Wall1:24
B3Coconut Grove6:30
B4Rock N' Roll Rip-Off1:50
B5Auld Lang Syne

David Peel - An Evening With David Peel (1975)
(320 kbps, cover art incuded)    

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