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Nico & The Blue Orchids - Berlin Audimax - Live 07.05.1982

One of the most fascinating figures of rock's fringes, Nico hobnobbed, worked, and was romantically linked with an incredible assortment of the most legendary entertainers of the '60s. The paradox of her career was that she herself never attained the fame of her peers, pursuing a distinctly individualistic and uncompromising musical career that was uncommercial, but wholly admirable and influential.

It was a very demanding show for Nico and the audience and neither Nico or the audience were satisfied. The expectations were too far apart and Nico provoked at the end with a successful version of: "Das Lied der Deutschen"

01. Heroes
02. Sãeta
03. Vegas
04. 60/40
05. Janitor of Lunacy
06. The End
07. All Tomorrow's Parties
08. Femme Fatale
09. I'm Waiting for the Man
10. No One Is There
11. Das Lied der Deutschen
12. Shouting for encore & is Reinhard Frahm out there ?

Nico: vocal, harmonium
with The Blue Orchids:
Martin Bramah: guitar, backing vocals
Rick Goldstraw [Eric McGann]: guitar
Una Baines: Yamaha Synthesizer
Steve Garvey [Steven Patrick Garvey]: bass, backing vocals
Toby Toman [Phillip Tomanov]: drums

Nico & The Blue Orchids - Berlin Audimax - Live 07.05.1982
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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