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Nico - Do Or Die!

Nico, the punk princess of the mid '60's Warhol entourage, joined the Velvet Underground as a singer in 1965 after a brilliant European career as a top model and actress.
This began a new career for one of the truly unique vocalists and rock personalities of our times. Noted for her Teutonic inflections, amazing beauty and heartbreaking baritone, she exuded a deep-seated sense of European worldliness and angst. She in many ways set the stage for the "gloom and doom" English romanticism and the Goth movement so popular today.

Truly an individualist, in style, presentation and her approach to material, Nico created a unique vision that in time became her own personal reality.

Nico´s "Do or Die" was originally released by ROIR as a cassette-only in November 1982. It is a collection of live performances, both solo and with her band, from her 1982 European tour that garnered considerable interest from collectors, press, her fans and also the followers of The Velvet Underground. It has now been 24-bit digitally remastered and re-edited for CD release by Doug Pomeroy.

"Drawn from five European gigs and featuring the best of Nico's many bands, The Blue Orchids, 'Do or Die' is the greatest hits package Nico never got. The power she unleashes dismisses any doubts regarding her role in rock and roll. Skillful beauty - spine-chilling isolation" - Alternative Press

Nico - Do Or Die!
(192 kbps, front cover included, ca. 83 MB)

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