Donnerstag, 29. November 2018

Kastrierte Philosophen - Rub Out The World - Maxi Mixes

Kastrierte Philosophen (Castrated Philosophers) from Hamburg was one of the most important German independent rock bands in the 1980s and 90s. The band formed in 1983 by Matthias Arfman and Katrin Achinger, both of whom worked together with other artists on their releases and concerts. Their musical style ranges from psychedelic rock, hip-hop, dub and electronic music.

Starting with a dark sound inspired by Velvet Underground and Nico (to who they dedicated their 1989 album "Nerves") as well as chanson, later on they worked on african and oriental influenced music. In their last phase in the mid-90s, they began to work with several young dub mixers, one of which was Jan Eißfeldt. Philosopher Arfmann (Knochenhaus studio) then produced all albums of Eißfeldt's German hip hop band Absolute Beginner and his Jan Delay reaggae albums.

Radio Active (Solid Mix) 4:47
Jussun (Mix For Jazz-Supervisors) 6:58
Radio Active (Kid Mix) 4:02
Jussun ("Nicht Für Paul Simon" Mix) 2:58
Radio Active (Page 62 Space Mix) 4:08
Jussun (Morricone Mix) 3:26
Radio Active ("Hotel & Warten Auf Die Stars"-Mix) 4:23
Rub Out The Word (Commercial) 0:58

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