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Kurt Tucholsky - Opposition! Oppostion! (Hanns Ernst Jäger, 1969)

"Nothing is more difficult and nothing requires more character than to find oneself in open opposition to one's time (and those one loves) and to say loudly: No!” - Kurt Tucholsky

Kurt Tucholsky was a German-Jewish journalist, satirist and writer. He´s regarded as one of the most powerful satirists of the 20th century. He wrote eassays, political and cultural commentaries, drama criticism, book reviews, poems and novels. His ardent criticism was directed at German nationalism and militarism and at the growing nazi movement.

After 1929 Tucholsky lived in Sweden. In 1933 he was deprived of his German citizenship by the nazis and his books were burnt. Possibly in a deep depression over the situation in Germany, he committed suicide in Hindås, a village a few miles from Gotenburg, in 1935. He was buried in Mariefred, a town situated near the medieval castle Gripsholm. Since world war II Tucholsky's works have been widely reprinted in Germany.
Here´s an album with Kurt Tucholsky songs and poems interpreted by Kurt Hanns Ernst Jäger with music by Hanns Eisler and Friedrich Meyer, recorded in August, 1969, accompanied by the Orchester Heinz Hötter.


01 - Was darf die Satire
02 - Publikum
03 - Über Deutschland
04 - Der Mensch
05 - Frauen von Freunden
06 - Ein Wort
07 - Rosen auf den Weg gestreut
08 - Jubiläum
09 - Die brennende Lampe
10 - Über Krieg
11 - Hitler und Goethe
12 - Kritik
13 - Der Geschlechtslose
14 - Rückkehr zur Natur
15 - Sommerlied
16 - Opposition
17 - Über Sozialdemokratie
18 - Kleines Glockenspiel
19 - Wir Negativen
20 - Über Marxismus
21 - Gebet nach dem Schlachten
22 - Über Wirtschaft

Kurt Tucholsky - Opposition! Oppostion! (1969)
(128 kbps, front cover & cover text included)

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