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Thatcher On Acid - Live at the Brixton Academy, London, 4/18/1987

Thatcher on Acid were an English anarcho-punk band. They formed in Somerset during 1983. Their name is a satirical reference to former UK prime minister Margaret Thatcher. Ben Corrigan, Bob Butler and Andy Tuck also played in Schwartzeneggar with ex-Crass member, Steve Ignorant.

The band opened the anarcho-punk band Conflict's "Gathering of the 5000" show at Brixton Academy, an event which resulted in many arrests and achieved a degree of infamy.

Amongst the hundreds of normal club gigs at venues like the Sir George Robey and Bull And Gate etc, they also supported Conflict at the ‘Feeding Of The Five Thousand’ show piece with Benjamin Zephaniah, in the very immense Brixton Academy. This was by far the biggest gig to date and ended up famously in a mini riot. 

I. Guess Who's Running The Show 
II. New Thing 
III. Riff Raff 
IV. The Cage 
V. The Wind-Up 
VI. Thatcher On Acid 
VII. Another One 
VIII. Daddy 
IX. Is It Art 
XI. Don't Throw The Book At Me 
XII. And I Thought 
XIII. The Taxi 
XIV. How About It 
XV. Bad Eggs

(320 kbps, one track recording)

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