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Jack Elliott - Muleskinner (1956 / 1964, Topic)

Rambling Jack Elliott who sings these American folk songs was born in New York, son of a Brooklyn doctor. He began to get restless at the age of nine, ran off to join a Wild West rodeo at fourteen and by the time he was twenty was wandering over the United States with Woody Guthrie. 

Writing about Jack Elliott in the sleeve notes of his album ‘Talking Woody Guthrie’ 12T93, Paul Nelson and Jon Pankake say ‘He heard a Guthrie phonograph record and the profound effect it made on him was to change his whole life. Soon after that he met Woody. They lived together for one year and, packing only guitars and razors, rambled around the country, on and off, for the next five years …’ 

When Woody was unable to travel any more and had to be hospitalized, Jack busked across the United States alone, then went to England. In 1956 skiffle was going strong in London and Jack began to sing in pubs and create something of a name for himself. In 1957 he sent for his buddy Derroll Adams, banjopicker from Portland, Oregon and together the two sang and made a Topic album billed as the Rambling Boys. This record is a re-release of the material on the album "Jack takes the floor".

A1 San Francisco Bay Blues
A2 Ol' Riley
A3 The Boll Weevil
A4 Bed Bug Blues
A5 New York Town
A6 Grey Goose
B1 Mule Skinner Blues
B2 Cocaine
B3 Dink's Song
B4 Black Baby
B5 Salty Dog

Jack Elliott - Muleskinner (1956 / 1964, Topic)
(192 kbps, cover art included)

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