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Captain Sperrmüll - Die Sonne geht auf (Schneeball, 1982)

Captain Sperrmüll was a german band from Saarland. They played solid political rock with some punk, new wave and jazz influences and were a part of the counterculture anarchist scene.

After living some years in Berlin, the songwriter Didi Conrath (1957 - 2019) formed Captain Sperrmüll at Saarwellingen. The band lived together in a commune and released two albums in the 1980s. They played gigs in youth centers and at "Umsonst & Draußen"- festivals. 

After 2000 Didi Conrath went to Landau and worked as a teacher. With new musicians he released three more "Captain Sperrmüll"-albums. He died on 05. January 2019.

The last song "Ghettoflitzers Ausrücklager" is surprising, the only instrumental one and very different to the rest.

"Die Sonne geht auf" was their second album, recorded and mixed in August & September 1982 in Sound Spot Studio in Körprich.

A1 Aufstand der Kälber 2:13
A2 Nummern 3:44
A3 Keimfrei 2:48
A4 Der Untertod 3:41
A5 Die Sonne geht auf 3:04
B1 Kaufen 2:37
B2 Pflastersteine
B3 Ghettoflitzers Ausrücklager 9:58

(320 kbps, cover art included)

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