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Di Grine Kuzine - Klezmer´s Paradise (1999)

Di Grine Kuzine is a German klezmer, folk and ska band, formed in 1993. "Klezmer´s Paradise" was their self-released debut album.

"The New Desire for Life-Klezmer", reads a headline in TIP, a Berlin cultural magazine, in 1996. The smiling faces of klezmer musicians on the cover testify to the vitality of the booming scene. "Life" is the key word here. Nothing is a more powerful celebration of life than a wedding. And it is wedding music that is the embodiment of what is the most vigorous in folk culture. Snorre Schwarz of "Di Grine Kuzine", when asked about what attracted im to klezmer, states taht the genre was simply strikingly different form the usual associations that a German might have with Jews: "When you read about Jews inGermany, they are always in the victim position, of course", says Schwarz. "But this was a totally differenz approach: fantastic, lively, strong, sometimes mean, funny music. It was something very alive. That´s why I was so fascinated."


1 Aman 3:01
2 A Glezl Vayn 2:59
3 Čirpansko Horo 3:51
4 Araber Tants 4:51
5 Stepil Dobri 4:28
6 Vranjanskij Ekspres 4:24
7 Asi Pare' 4:03
8 Salut Naftule 1:35
9 Lebedik Naftule Bulgar 3:51
10 Noch A Glezl Vayn 4:30
11 Üsküdar 4:07
12 Ruska Slatna 4:18
13 Chava 5:32

Di Grine Kuzine - Klezmer´s Paradise (1999)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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FiveGunsWest hat gesagt…

This kicks tukus! Excellent sound quality and great tunes. Thanks so much for posting!

zero hat gesagt…

Thanks for your feedback, glad you like that kind of music.

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