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Peter Rohland - Un as der Rebbe singt - Jiddische Lieder (CD)

Peter Rohland was a German singer and songwriter, born 22 Febuary 1933 in Berlin, Germany, died 5 April 1966 in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany.

The early wave of interst in Yiddish songs in West Germany dates back to the 1960s and the German student movement. Peter Rohland, with his 1963 program "Der Rebbe singt" ("The rabbi sings"), is considered the first Germn singer to have broken the postwar silence over the Nazi persecution of Jews and made a gsture of reconciliation. His manifesto concerning the treatment of Yiddish songs as part of German folk music was received as programmatic. Yiddish songs thus came to be employed by left-wing artists as a means of protest against the generations compromised by its participation in the Nazi regime.

This programm was recorded in 1964 - 65.  


1 Un As Der Rebbe Alimelech 3:30
2 Fohr Ijch Mir Arois 2:51
3 Hot Majne Homntashn 2:00
4 Wolt Ijch Sejn A Rov 2:30
5 Mai Komashma Lon 2:29
6 Jich Nehm Dos Peckel 2:21
7 Frateg Far Nacht 1:32
8 Baj Dem Shtetl 1:25
9 Bin Ijch Mir A Schnaijderl 1:46
10 Jomme, Jomme Shpil Mir A Lidele 2:07
11 Un As Der Rebbe Singt 2:47
12 Hot Der Tate Fun Jaridl 1:50
13 Tzen Bridder 3:42
14 Amol Is Gewen A Majsse 3:40
15 Tumbalalalaika 1:50
16 Unter A Klajn Bajmele 2:04
17 Du Majdele, Du Shajns 2:20
18 Lo Mir Ale Singen 4:45
19 Baj Majn Rebben Is Gewen 1:45
20 Un As De Jontefdige Tejg 2:45
21 Shlof, Majn Sun 1:55
22 Unter De Chirwes Von Pojln 2:47
23 Shtil, Die Nacht Ist Ojsgeshternt 2:04
24 's Brennt, Bridderlech, 's Brennt

(192 kbps, cover art included)

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