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Pete & Michael Seeger - Indian Summer (Original Soundtrack, 1961)

Pete Seeger and Michael Seeger composed and performed the music for the soundtrack to "Indian Summer", singing and playing fiddle, five-string banjo, guitar, twelve-string guitar, chalil (bamboo flute), harmonica, pump organ and drum between them. In a context of film industry experimentations with alternative musics for soundtracks, Pete Seeger notes that this is an attempt to demonstrate what can be done with relatively simple American folk instruments to provide a programmatic score closely following the action on the screen.

One of Pete Seeger's most non-traditional and interesting albums, "Indian Summer" contains the soundtracks to four different short films. The entirety of side one is taken up by the soundtrack to Jules V. Schwerin's non-narrative film "Indian Summer", composed and recorded by Seeger with his half-brother, Michael Seeger, who between them play fiddle, banjo, guitar, bamboo flute, harmonica, pump organ, 12-string guitar, and drums, with incidental voices and sound effects (from birdsong to heavy machinery) from the film's soundtrack mixed in. It's a fascinating, wide-ranging piece that wanders through a variety of moods and musical settings, one of those soundtracks that makes the listener want to see the movie itself. Side two consists of three shorter soundtracks, to Norman McLaren's "Horizontal Lines" (featuring Seeger overdubbing himself on half a dozen instruments, with sound effects) and two films by himself and wife Toshi Seeger, "The Many-Colored Paper" (an overdubbed two-guitar improvisation on "Deck the Halls" that sounds like it was hugely influential to the folks who began Windham Hill Records) and "The Country Fiddle" (three examples of traditional country fiddle playing with banjo and clogging accompaniment). Richly musical and historically important, this is an often-overlooked but utterly essential Pete Seeger release.

Pete & Michael Seeger - Indian Summer
(192 kbps, front cover included)

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Mickey Bitsko hat gesagt…

Long time follower, first time commenter here. Thanks very much for this album and for your great site in general!

And FYI, Michael Seeger is Pete's brother not son, though Pete's daughter is named Mika.

folkarchivist hat gesagt…

Half-brother, to be exact -- same father, different mother.

zero hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot for the correct relationship info, i updated the posting. Best wishes to you both!

Mickey Bitsko hat gesagt…

Thanks for the info, folkarchivist. Best wishes to you all as well!

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